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4th of July Parade is a big Success

The Turtle Hospital was once again part of the 4th of July parade this year bringing back the very popular turtle rescue reenactment.  The staff had a great time at the parade and demonstrated turtle rescues all along the route with our ‘stuffed up’ patient.  Founder Richie would find the ‘injured’ turtle in the middle of the parade route and once the call for help was heard the rehab team would spring into action putting the turtle on a stretcher and loading him into the ambulance!  The crowd was very happy to see the turtle being recovered and each rescue was met with applause and cheers for the hospital.  Along with the demonstration the staff also ensured everyone was stocked up with red white and blue beads in order to celebrate the holiday properly!


Ritchie, Matt and Caitlin picking up the new patient!

Ritchie, Matt and Caitlin picking up the new patient!

A big thank you from the hospital goes out to everyone that came out and to the city of Marathon for putting on the event!

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