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Animal Planet Vet Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald

On June 3, 2011, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald from Animal Planet’s TV show “Emergency Vets” came to visit The Turtle Hospital and assisted Marathon Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Doug Mader and The Turtle Hospital’s staff Tom Luebke and founder Richie Moretti with a tracheoscopy and endoscopy, pictured here, of green sea turtle patient Pabst.

Other advanced procedures performed during Dr. Fitzgerald’s visit included endoscopic removal of two fishhooks from a loggerhead turtle’s jaw and esophagus as well as removal of fibropapilloma tumors from a green turtle using laser surgery and cryosurgery technologies. 

Dr. Fitzgerald is known for his comedy, so there were plenty of jokes told along with some very excellent care for our sea turtle patients.  Thank you to Dr. Doug and Dr. Fitzgerald!

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