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Boat Race Rescue

During the boat races currently being held in Key West, Randy Mearns on one of the race official boats, spotted a Loggerhead Sea Turtle floating just outside the race course.


(Photo cortesy of Bette Zirkelbach)Richie Moretti (director of The Turtle Hospital in Marathon,) on the “spotter” helicopter (used to ensure sea turtles and marine mammals do not get on the course during the race)


coordinated the rescue of the turtle, transfer to shore and pick up by Turtle Hospital staff.


(Photo cortesy of Bette Zirkelbach)kerry.JPG

Sydney, a sub adult was found to have an impacted intestine when X-rayed. Treatment will be laxatives and antibiotics. Loggerhead Sea Turtles are considered “opportunistic feeders” and will attempt to eat anything that resembles a food source.

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