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Education Stations!

Earth Day at Bahia Honda, Ocean Celebration at Dolphin Research Center, Science Day at Stanley Switlick. The Turtle Hospital is always looking for ways to renew our commitment to raise awareness about human-caused dangers that sea turtles face. We treat an average of 100 sea turtles per year. These turtles have been hit by boats, entangled in fishing gear, disoriented by lighting near their nesting beaches, or sickened by pollution or ingested trash. All of these dangers can be prevented by simply acting responsibly toward the environment. But many people are unaware of how their actions affect sea turtles and we’re aiming to change that.Every Spring is all about education, education, education!Monroe County Public School classrooms are invited to visit our facility free of charge in the month of May to learn about our turtles, the injuries they have sustained and how we can help them get back on their flippers and swimming off strongly on their release day! We also dedicate several of our Spring days to special events around the Keys that are developed to educate our many visitors and community members that are out and about enjoying the wonderful weather this time of year. So far we’ve been able to attend Bahia Honda’s Earth Day Celebration April 18th, Dolphin Research Center’s Ocean Celebration day April 30th, and Stanley Switlick Elementary School’s Science Day May 7th!


Dolphin Research Center’s Ocean Celebration  


Stanley Switlick Elementary School’s Science Day  

If you missed us at these events and are unable to visit for one of our tours at the hospital, here are some easy suggestions to get you started helping sea turtles no matter where you are:

1. REDUCE packing that ends up in the landfill by buying in bulk

2. REUSE old containers and packaging from your every day purchases

3. RECYCLE all plastics, glass, and metals where facilities exist,

4. CLEAN UP- participate in and/or organize projects for roads, parks and beaches,

5. EAT SUSTAINABLY- buy only sustainably harvested seafood by participating in the Seafood Watch program (

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