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Endoscopy Donation

One afternoon we received a surprise delivery that came in the shape of a big brown box. Once the box was opened we saw the treasures that were donated and a short note. The note said that one of the employee’s from the Affiliated Veterinary Specialist-Surgery Center in Jacksonville had visited our hospital and saw that we were only able to record scopes on floppy discs. This prompted the employee to think of us when they upgraded their own endoscopy equipment and hoped we may be able to use what they no longer needed. Our engineer Tom Luebke’s face lit up when he saw the box of treasuers and now had his project for the day. He took from the box an endoscopic camera, camera controller, monitor, and digital image recording equipment. We use endoscope equipment for many different procedures such as looking inside of a turtles cavity, inside of the esophagus, or inside of the intestinal tract. Also, as a non-profit facility, the only way we could afford such eqipment is through grant writing. The Turtle Hospital would like to say thank you to the Affiliated Veterinary Specialist-Surgery Center in Jacksonville for their generous donation of medical equipment.


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