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Have a Turtle Christmas!–Adopt!

Bender, a non-releasable Kemp’s Ridley, can live a quality life in human care due to help from people like you! Bender and 4 other sea turtles at our facility can be “adopted.”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to ADOPT A SEA TURTLE!  The five permanent residents that will spend the rest of their lives at The Turtle Hospital can be sponsored for a $35 annual fee.  And what better time to show you care than during the Christmas season?

The adoption fee helps to cover the cost of the turtle’s care throughout their lifetime.  For many of these Main Pool veterans, this care includes maintenance of their weight system.  Most of our non-releasable turtles have been hit by boats, and while permanent internal buoyancy issues prevent them from survival in the wild, the air bubbles trapped in their shell can be “neutralized” by attaching weights to the shell.

Additional costs of living for these turtles include medical supplies for annual physicals, tools for habitat maintenance and-every turtle’s personal favorite-FOOD!  It costs an average of $5,000 to take care of one current patient at our hospital, so imagine how much it costs to keep up with these turtles for a lifetime!

The five turtles that can be adopted are:

  • Rebel, a boat hit Loggerhead
  • Bender, a boat hit and entanglement Kemp’s Ridley
  • Bubble Butt, a boat hit Green
  • April, an FP blind Green
  • Montel, a boat hit/entanglement/shark attack/FP Green

Give the gift of sea turtle adoption this Christmas!  Click on the “How You Can Help” tab and “Adopt-a-Turtle” for more info.  You can adopt online at

Have a very merry holiday season from the staff and turtles at The Turtle Hospital!


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