The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


On May 26th we received a call from George & Kim Cambell of the Snapshot Charter Boat asking us to pick up a sea turtle he found floating while chartering a group of tourists.  Tom and Christina hopped into the turtle ambulance and drove to meet Captain Cambell, who has helped admit 3 sick sea turtle patients over the last few years. They wrapped “Jenny”, a 1.27lb green sea turtle found floating 20 miles South of Hawks Cay, in a wet towel and made their way back to the Turtle Hospital. Jenny was given fluids and antibiotics to rehydrate her and allowed to rest overnight in the hospital, the next day we moved Jenny to a tank outside in our rehabilitation area. She is very skinny for a post hatchling and uninterested in food at the moment. Our current treatments are to fed her three times a day and give her some extra rest and relaxation. Check back to see how she’s doing in a few weeks!

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