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Lisa surgery

July 31, 2008

Lisa had surgery today to remove fibropapilloma tumors affecting both eyes. This was critical as the tumors can grow rapidly and if left unchecked, would damage the eyes where the turtle could be blinded and then be un-releasable.


Doctor Kristen Hall from Marathon Veterinarian Hospital donated time on her day off, to perform the delicate operation,  using a laser to remove the tumors from the eyes and several from the neck. Lisa will need at least one and possible two more surgeries to remove the remaining tumors. (Surgeries are limited to 1 hour or less when the turtle is under anesthesia).

Update Oct 28, 2008

Lisa was back in surgery today to remove the remaining pap tumors. This was her third surgery and should be the last. All turtles that have had fibropapilloma are kept for one year prior to release. This ensures that if there is any re-growth, it can be removed.


Dr Doug Mader and staff using a laser to remove tumors.

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