The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.

Many Thanks!

The Turtle Hospital would like to thank the following people and organizations for their recent donations to the hospital.

Fury Management located in Key West donated $5,000 to the Turtle Hospital.  Fury has been very helpful to us for many years whether it’s making donations or helping out with sea turtle rescues in the Key West area.  We appreciate all the help they have given us! Thank you Fury!

 The children of Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ located in Evansville, Indiana donated money to care for our sea turtle patients.  The children held fundraisers including selling lemonade, after church picnics, and through collecting private donations.  Thank you children of St. Paul’s Church!  Your donation will go to needed medicine and medical supplies to help care of the sea turtles.

The National Christian Foundation also recently donated to the Turtle Hospital.  The donation was made possible by The Blaudow Family Fund.  This donation will also go toward the needs of our sick and injured sea turtles!

And finally a big thank you to Joey Aronson! Joey recently had a Bar Mitzvah and decided that instead of keeping all the money he received as gifts that he wanted to donate it to a worthy cause.  Joey donated some of his money from his Bar Mitzvah to the Turtle Hospital.  Joey visited the Turtle Hospital recently to hand over his donations. He raised $1,500 to go towards the care of our sick sea turtle patients!

All donations will go towards the care of the 30 sea turtle patients currently being cared for at the Turtle Hospital. Thank you all very much!  None of this could be done without you!

Thank you Joey! Joey donated all the money he received from his Bar Mitzvah to the Turtle Hospital.

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