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Post-Hurricane Irma Recovery

The Turtle Hospital sustained a little damage due to Hurricane Irma. But we were very lucky; all of our turtles, staff, and buildings are fine. We had some damage to our rear enclosure; the wind tore off the shade cloth covering the enclosure. Some signs came down, along with some trees, and a lot of branches.

We have cleaned up most of the debris and are starting to get some of the turtles moved back to their regular tanks. But until they’re all moved, they get to hang out together in the Hurricane Tanks!

We are currently re-open for tours.  We are offering 2 for 1 admissions for Monroe County residents and Hurricane Irma First Responders through October 21, 2017. If you would like to take a tour you can stop by or call us at 305-743-2552.

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