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Saving Sea Turtles in Kansas

Pierce Saturday presents founder Richie Moretti with a donation check.

Pierce Saturday had never been to The Turtle Hospital prior to May 30, 2012. The 11-year old self-proclaimed sea turtle activist lives in Kansas–far from these ocean-dwelling reptiles.  But through family friends who live in the Keys, Pierce heard about the turtles that need saving not only in Florida but also worldwide.  For his birthday back in November, he asked not for gifts but for donations to The Turtle Hospital.  To take conservation awareness a step further, Pierce set up an informational booth in a pet store back in his hometown, with photos and pamphlets on The Turtle Hospital, its patients, and the general welfare of sea turtles globally.  On May 30–7 months after collecting donations for the turtles–Pierce finally got the chance to visit our facility.  He spent a few hours with founder Richie Moretti, listening to the stories of the sea turtles in our care.  At the end of it all, he presented The Turtle Hospital with a check for $650.

Thank you, Pierce, for your dedication to these endangered species!  And thank you to all the Kansas locals who contributed to our cause.  Pierce’s hard work is a reminder to us that it’s never too early to start speaking up about conservation!

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