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Scooter Filmed for NatGeo

National Geographic recently visited The Turtle Hospital to film one of our sea turtles for their new 3D channel launching early next year. One of their premier shows, a special focusing on jellyfish is due to air on National Geographic’s new 3-D channel in February or March of 2011. National Geographic specifically asked for a small loggerhead turtle to film eating a moon jellyfish.  We had the perfect one in mind…Scooter! Scooter is a two year old Loggerhead who currently represents The Turtle Hospital and his species by visiting schools and events. He helps educate children and the public on the importance of sea turtle conservation. Scooter was the lucky little turtle chosen to get his 15 minutes of fame and wound up loving the camera!

Working together, National Geographic and The Turtle Hospital had to entice Scooter to eat a tiny little jellyfish in front of a huge HD 3-D camera.  Turtle Hospital staff had to first get Scooter near the camera by feeding him little pieces of squid!  At first Scooter was a little wary, but then started gobbling up all the squid and chasing after the camera and the cameraman!  The tiny moon jelly was then placed into the pool and Scooter swam right up to the camera and ate it!  They got the perfect shot on their first and only take.  Keep an eye out for this episode to air.

Scooter NG

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