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June 8, 2008

Dr Doug Mader, staff from the Marathon Veterinary Hospital, accompanied by Dr Kevin Fitzgerald (Animal Planet Emergency Vet) and Turtle Hospital staff performed several procedures today.


Snoop Riley, an adult Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle had an endoscope process to inspect for internal fibropapilloma tumors. This turtle has had external tumors removed twice before and recently another re-growth was found on the front flipper. A biopsy was performed on a suspicious area of the liver and the external tumor removed.


The endoscope entry points are closed by stitches

Hale, a juvenile Green Sea Turtle had already undergone a front flipper amputation, endoscope and removal of several large external tumors. Today’s surgery was to remove the remaining external tumors. The turtle was required to be anesthetized during the procedure and is connected an anesthesia machine that provides an adjustable mixture of “gas”, oxygen and air, as required.


Both turtles were kept out of water overnight and are doing well after being placed back in the pool.

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