The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.

Thank You October Donors

Thank you to all of you who donated during the month of October including:

Kelly Coral, Erik Zimmerman, Bryn Flanigan, The Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving, Lawrence and Jane Gould, Platts Market Center Beta Test, Markus Roth, Robert Luce, Kimberly Messer, Marc Heydens, Particia Hanna, STMCS 5th Grade Class, Pamela Bowen Wessel, Arundel County Grovernment, Angela Weckwerth, Pamela Hall, Luana Sousa, James Cambron , Debbie Thomson, Jordyn Magnuson, David Folkenflik, and Susan Mest

It is your generosity which helps make it possible to provide the turtles with the care that they need.

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