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Thank You Taylour

The Turtle Hospital would like to sincerely thank a very generous and amazing young girl from Pennsylvania, Taylour Wood. For Taylours Sweet 16 she decided in lieu of presents or an extravagant party she wanted to raise money for a charity. After talking to her local friend and veterinarian, Dr. O’Laughlin, he suggested The Turtle Hospital as a recipient of her donations. Having never visited Florida or The Turtle Hospital, Taylour visited The Turtle Hospital website and made the swift decision to raise money to help rescue Keys turtles. On Saturday November 20th, Taylour held her birthday party in which a large fish tank was set up for donations. Even the local waitresses and bartenders donated their tips for the evenings event and over $1,000 was raised.

After hearing Taylours story an anonymous donor gave her the only gift on the evening – plane tickets for her and her parents to visit The Turtle Hospital and present their donation. For the first time, Taylour was able to visit The Turtle Hospital and meet the patients she helped save.

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