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“Addis” The Willful Kemp’s Ridley

Addis, a 3.5 pound Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle, was rescued on April 20th here in Marathon by the McQuiston family visiting from Churchville Pennsylvania.  Addis was found with the left front flipper entangled in balloons with ribbons, a lobster ball and rope, fishing gear, and nylon string.  Once the entaglement was removed left behind was a very swollen flipper and radial wound around the base of it. We received Addis just in time since the tissue of the flipper is still alive. We can try to save the flipper by using excersice, massage, and cold laser therapy to reduce swelling and increase circulation. This little Kemps Ridley is very active with a strong will to survive. Addis has a good appetite and is also receiving antibiotics, food, and lots of love.


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