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Asa, a Green sea turtle was rescued February 18, 2005 from Indian River Lagoon, Florida. Asa has Fibropapilloma. Using the endoscope, it was determined that Asa is a female and has no internal Fibropapilloma tumors. She will undergo laser surgery to remove the fibropapilloma growths over the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Received surgery for fibropapilloma on February 24, 2005 but still requires one more surgery due to the amount of growths on her soft tissue.

UPDATE: Asa underwent her final surgery for fibropapilloma on May 26, 2005. All tumors have been removed and have healed wonderfully. She is now swimming in the enclosed side of the 100,000 gallon salt water pool. Asa will be ready for release as long as no re-growth of the fibropapilloma occurs .

Asa’s Release

RELEASED: Asa was released along with seven other sea turtle companions at John Sawyer Bank on October 27, 2005. John Sawyer Bank is located a few miles off of Marathon, in the Florida Bay.

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