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Billy Billy’s Bouy

Billy, a juvenile Green sea turtle was rescued on March 06, 2005 from Key Largo. Not only was Billy afflicted by Fibropapilloma growths but he had been entangled in a fishing buoy. The buoy line restricted blood flow to Billy’s flipper. Both the fibropapilloma tumors and Billy’s flipper have been removed. Billy is demonstrating the ability to swim with only three flippers in one of the side pools.

UPDATE: Billy has been moved to the large main pool. He continues to prove to us all that he will be fine once back in the wild with only three flippers. Billy has learned to compensate for the amputation of his right front flipper by using his left rear flipper.

Billy HealedBilly Swims

UPDATE: Billy was released on October 27, 2005, along with seven other sea turtle companions, at John Sawyer Bank. John Sawyer Bank is located a few miles off of Marathon, in the Florida Bay.

The release of Billy

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