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A juvenile Green Sea Turtle was rescued by personnel at the St. Lucie Power Plant on Hutchinson Island. The turtle was found in an intake canal for the facility (the plant diligently watches the canals for any sea mammals or turtles).


Bitsy at first looked like a normal healthy turtle but when inspected closely, fibropapilloma tumors were found around the rear flippers. Fortunately there are minimal tumors and the turtle has good body mass. Surgery is scheduled to perform an endoscope procedure (to check for internal tumors) and to remove the external tumors.

Update Feb 14, 2009

Endoscope inspection found several internal fibropapilloma tumors. Internal tumors can not be treated and will continue to grow and spread, eventually leading to death. The only available option is humane euthanasia. Necropsy confirmed a number of internal tumors were present.

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