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Colorado Completes 5 Months of Rehab

Rehabbers, educators and administrators of The Turtle Hospital say goodbye to Colorado during an offshore release.

Colorado made a splash in the turtle world on September 5 as he dove back into the ocean about 10 miles north of Marathon. Turtle Hospital staff applauded him upon his release, remembering the five months of intense rehab.  One of the most severe boat strikes many of the staff had ever seen, Colorado overcame great odds to find his way home.  After months of continually debriding the four prop wounds, healthy scar tissue eventually formed and the wire sutures were removed.  Once Colorado passed the stages of tong feeding, Rehab staff began documenting when he ate on his own.  For the last step of rehab, Colorado was placed in our large 30-foot tanks for physical therapy, during which his lobster hunting abilities proved to still be up to par!  This sea turtle is a reminder to all of us in the conservation world, scientists and the general public alike, that not all humans are leading these ancient creatures toward extinction; instead, we can help these animals to survive!

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