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Come Join Us In Releasing Sharon Tilly


The Turtle Hospital in Marathon would like to invite residents and guests to the Keys to participate in the release of “Sharon”, a Loggerhead sea turtle, when the turtle is returned to her ocean home on Thursday, March 25th. Sharon was rescued from the Bahia Honda area in December with a severe infection. After several months of antibiotics and rehabilitation, Sharon is now ready for release. Due to a generous donation from Sharon’s rescuers, the turtle will be outfitted with a satellite tag to track her movements throughout the Keys and the Caribbean. This will be great educational tool for sea turtle conservation where classrooms and individuals can log on to the Turtle Hospital’s website and follow the turtle’s migration over the next year. The event will take place at Bahia Honda State Park on Thursday, March 25th at 11:00 am. To learn more about Sharon’s release call 305-743-2552.

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