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Crusher, admitted in November, is a juvenile Green who was suffering from a minor impaction. The blockage was preventing gasses from passing naturally leaving Crusher floating. Crusher was placed on a diet of squid injected with Vegetable oil and given Beano every morning with breakfast. The combination of laxatives and anti-gas medications helped Crusher naturally pass the blockage and the gas. As it turned out, she was simply full of sea grass and a few larger pebbles. As the gas passed Crusher became less and less bouyant. Now able to dive, and feeling much better, Crusher is almost ready for release!

UPDATE:  Great news! Crusher was released on Tuesday Feb. 1st!  Crush spent 3 months here at the Turtle Hospital recovering from a slight impaction.

Jo Ellen Basile, Bob Smargiassi, and Andy Dobrowolski release Crusher into Florida Bay on 02.01.2011.

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