The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.



I would like to introduce everyone to Elliot. Elliot is a 90 pound loggerhead found in the FL bay, 4 miles west of Tavernier, FL. His rescuers Ricou Deshaw, and Jim Burgin were on there way out for a day of fishing in the keys. They hadn’t even gotten a line wet when they spotted poor Elliot floating and emaciated on the surface of the water. They knew something was wrong, and having rescued sea turtles in the Keys before, sprang into action. They hauled him on to the boat, called the Turtle Hospital, and headed to Founders Park in Tavernier. Gunnar hopped into the Turtle Hospital ambulance and rushed to the scene. Once there, it was apparent that Elliot had an old boat propeller wound on his head. Gunnar got him to the Turtle Hospital and determined that he was possibly suffering from an infection caused by the head wound. We got him on fluids and antibiotics, and Elliot is currently recovering from his boat strike. We are slowly getting rid of the infection that was causing him to float, and hopefully with some more TLC, Elliot will be released very soon. Stay tuned for further updates on Elliot’s status.

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