The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.

Entangled Loggerhead

Boaters spotted a Loggerhead Sea Turtle attached to a trap float and unable to dive. They contacted the Coast Guard who transported Turtle Hospital staff to the location, aprox 5 miles North of Marathon.


The turtle was captured by net


And brought aboard by Tom Luebke and Ryan Butts .


Mono filament fishing line was tightly wrapped around the neck and was attached to the trap line and float. The line was wrapped around four times and embedded into the skin, which made removal difficult.


The line had cut into the skin, causing a circumference wound. Fortunately, the wound is not so deep as to damage muscle or blood flow.


Goulet is strong, active and eating offered food. With wound care, antibiotics and vitamins, it is expected that the stay at the Turtle Hospital will be short.

Much thanks to the crew from US Coast Guard, Marathon Station for their help.

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