The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


On May 28, The Turtle Hospital received a call from the Coast Guard about a turtle floating and unable to dive about eight miles south of Tavernier Creek. Turtle Hospital employee Tom Luebke jumped in the ambulance and rushed to the scene. When he arrived he met Mark Roche and Mike Noffo, two anglers from Miami in town visiting a friend. They had with them a very active 108 lb Loggerhead named Goody. They got him in the ambulance and headed for Marathon. Once back at the hospital, Goody’s blood work was analyzed, and we saw that he had a very high white blood cell count. A high level of white blood cells indicates he was suffering from an infection. A turtle with an infection makes gas build up under his shell and causes the turtle to float. He is currently doing GREAT! He is still very active and should have a short stay here at The Turtle Hospital. Very special thanks to Mark and Mike for taking the time out of their vacation to save Goody’s life! It’s great to know that people care enough about the turtles to take the time out of their personal lives to help them. Stay tuned for further updates on Goody’s progress.

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