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Hana lei


“Hanalei” is a young Green sea turtle that was rescued Monday afternoon south of Marathon. The young turtle was rescued by concerned boaters that recognized the turtle was in distress. After getting the turtle on board with little effort, it became apparent that Hanalei had sustained a propeller strike behind the right eye. Although it appears to be shallow, the turtle is not yet able to open the eye. The turtle is now in the safety and security of the Turtle Hospital, where she will recover without having the risk of being eaten by predators or struck by another boat. The Turtle Hospital would like to thank Steve Arnett and friends for taking the time to rescue this young injured turtle and bring it to the Turtle Hospital for medical care.

UPDATE May 14th:

Hana Lei’s condition had not improved until recently. Dr. Mader consulted with Turtle Hospital staff and performed and endoscopy to check the body cavity and lungs for any suspicious findings. Hana Lei, in addition to the propeller wound on her head, also has fungal pnuemonia and septecimia. Treatment will be anti-fungals, antibiotics, vitamins and daily tube feeding.

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