The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


Holly and Larry were enjoying a day fishing off of Marathon when a sea turtle in distress caught their attention. They were able to contact Turtle Hospital administrator Ryan Butts and Rehaber Tom Luebke for help. Captain Hooks Marina and Dive Center assisted by providing a boat and captain to meet the pair at sea and located the injured sea turtle. With a quick swoop of a net the injured Loggerhead was rescued.

Named Hollarry, the 101 pound sub-adult Loggerhead is a unique case – a Loggerhead sea turtle with the virus Fibropapilloma. Although the virus typically affects juvenile greens, it has occasionally been documented on other species including Loggerheads. Several necrotic tumors were visible around her neck and shoulders which require surgery to remove. Although there is no cure for the virus, surgery is an option that has proven successful. In addition to the virus, Hollarry is suffering from an infection which may have been caused by the rotten growths. She’s underweight and exhausted but currently receiving all the care she will need.

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