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Introducing Sully!

Sully was found about two miles offshore in Islamorada, Florida. She was found by Suelle Rodriguez and Bart Harts who were out on Captain Jeremy Pfaffendorf’s charter boat “A Little Tail”. Jeremy had Suelle and Bart fishing for mackrel, snapper, and grouper in the Florida Bay when they saw a loggerhead sea turtle struggling to dive down and swim away. They knew something was wrong and called the Turtle Hospital to file a report. Team member Gunnar jumped in the ambulance and headed to Whale Harbor Marina. He picked up “Sully” (which is Suelle’s nickname) the 119 pound loggerhead and headed back to the hospital. Once there, Sully was evaluated; it was determined that Sully was suffering from an impaction or turtle constipation. When a turtle has an impaction, an infection is growing in their intestinal tract. That infection releases CO2 gas which compromises the turtles bouyancy and causes the turtle to float. He is currently on antibiotics, and our miracle drugs: lactulose, metamucil, and beano to help alleviate his impaction. He is currently recovering in one of our rehabilitation tanks and is expected to make a full recovery. Very special thanks to Jeremy, Suelle and Bart for saving Sully’s life. Who knows how long he could have floated around out there.

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