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JJ’s Rescue

JJ (March 15, 2008)

A floating sub adult Loggerhead Sea Turtle was found by visitors from Michigan, aprox ¾ of a mile out in the ocean from the Matecumbe Resort. The couple gave up diving time to stay with the troubled turtle and arranged to have friends transport Turtle Hospital staff to the location by boat. Using a large net and some effort,


the 138 pound turtle was brought aboard


and transported back to shore.


JJ (named after rescuers Jamie and Jim) is currently undergoing examination and tests to determine the cause of not being able to dive.

Update March 19, 2008

X-rays reveal that JJ has an impacted intestine which has caused a build up of gas. Treatment will be mineral oil and metamucil.

Update July 28, 2008

Sadly JJ has passed. He had stopped eating two weeks ago and was getting weaker. Staff placed him in a shallow tank and started placement feeding. Necropsy identified the kidneys, pancreas and gall bladder were not normal and biopsies have been sent to the lab to better understand the cause of the problem.

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