The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


Kruck a 46 pound Green sea turtle was rescued on April 22nd!  Kruck was found floating and unable to dive under the water south of Snake Creek at Hens & Chickens Reef by a group of boy scouts.   The group of Boy Scouts pulled Kruck out of the water and took him to shore where they met up with Sue of the FWC.  Sue then rushed the turtle to the Turtle Hospital where he was examined by staff.  Just by looking at Kruck it was easy to see that he had suffered from a boat strike due to the old wounds (caused from a propeller of a boat) across this back.

At the Turtle Hospital Kruck recieved a phsyical which included weighing, measuring, bloodwork, a bath, and x-rays.  In his x-rays staff noticed that his bowels seemed bloated which could be a reason to why he is floating. For the time being Kruck will be treated with love and care at the hospital in hopes that antibiotics and beano will help take care of the bloating and gas.  

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