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Kumquat Jones Release

Oct 15, 2007

KUMQUAT JONES a sub adult Loggerhead Sea Turtle was rescued in Florida Bay, just South of the Arsniker Keys. The turtle was found floating and X-rays reveled an intestinal impaction that was caused by eating sponges. Loggerheads typically feed on conch and crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs. There were flipper tags present which had been attached by the FWC during one of their studies where turtles are captured, given a physical, tagged and released.


The impaction was cleared and the turtle was released off of the Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon.


Participating in the release was Hunter Reno who is the star of the TV Series “Wild Florida” (WPBT – PBS Miami). Hunter was visiting the Turtle Hospital, doing some filming for an episode about Florida’s Sea Turtles. The episode aired in February 2008.


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