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The Turtle Hospital received a call Monday morning of a sea turtle floating lethargically in a canal in Islamorada. The subadult Loggerhead was slowly paddling up and down the canal, unable to dive. Within a matter of time, the turtle would have likely been struck by a boat. Concerned residents and fishermen Mike Walter Sr. and his son Mike Jr. escorted Turtle Hospital staff to the distressed animal. The turtle attempted to dive but quickly surfaced, bobbing like a cork. A quick swoop of a net and “Leoni” was rescued and brought on board the boat, after which she was transferred quickly to the Turtle Hospital for medical care. Unfortunately, Leoni had suffered an old boat strike injury which damaged the back of her shell. Although healed, the 120 pound turtle will be placed on antibiotics for infection and assessed for swimming ability. The Turtle Hospital would like to extend a special thank you to Mike Walter Sr. and Mike Walter Jr. for their efforts in saving this turtle’s life.

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