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Little Argus

On July 25, a small juvenile green sea turtle was found lethargic and floating in a canal on the oceanside of Tavernier.  This little turtle, named Argus, is only 1.67 lbs and is estimated to be around a year old. Floating is very dangerous for a sea turtle because they are unable to escape from danger such as predators and boats. They are also unable to reach the bottom where their food is. Little Argus has a good body weight and is overall quite healthy. Some reasons turtles may float is from impacted intestines or body cavity infections. The x-rays don’t reveal an impaction, but most likely Argus got into something that upset his GI tract and will just need some time to clean out his system. He is eating squid and lettuce for us and is defecating regularly which is great news! Antibiotics are being administered as a precaution. Argus still floats here at the hospital, but is safe from all harm while he heals.


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