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Lucie is a darling adult Green sea turtle. She was found in the intake canal of a powerplant near St. Lucie, Florida on September 25th, 2006. Her shoulders, hips, and eyes were covered in fibropapilloma tumors. The tumors are benign growths that are caused by a viral infection. Once removed, the turtle’s immune system will usually suppress the virus.

UPDATE: Lucie had the tumors which were growing on her eyes removed by Dr. Doug Mader here at the Turtle Hospital on October 17th, 2006. She underwent a second procedure to remove the tumors from her shoulders on December 8th, and yet another on March 13th, 2007. Her left eye had to be removed on May 10th.


UPDATE: Lucie had additional minor surgeries on August 5th and September 11th, and is now awaiting the completion of her required 12-month stay, in which time we will monitor her for regrowths. Lucie appears to be tumor free and healing nicely. Hopefully she will be released one year from now. If you have been to the hospital recently, you may remember Lucie with the white scars on her shoulders.


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