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Michael Michael Entangled

The rarest species of sea turtle, the Kemp’s Ridley is critically endangered and are found almost exclusively in the Gulf of Mexico. Michael was rescued on August 23, 2004. This beautiful charcoal-grey turtle had a mesh plastic bag entangled on his right front and rear left flipper. After removing the debris, he began using the flippers and no amputation was required, however he will wear the scars from his encounter for the rest of his life. Michael is gaining weight and will be ready for release soon.

UPDATE: Michael’s release is schedule for the late April. Watch here for more updates and photos.

Michael’s Release Michael’s Release group

RELEASED: Michael was released into the Gulf Stream off of Sombrero Reef, Marathon, Florida on April 25, 2005. Pete and Amy of Tilden’s Dive shop had the opportunity to release Michael back to the wild. Pete and Amy had rescued Michael in August of 2004. Janice Lampkins and Ryan MClellan (volunteers of the Turtle Hospital) were present on the release as well.

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