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Poseidon, a sub-adult Loggerhead Sea Turtle was rescued by a small boy in Islamorada, Florida on May 22, 2005. The boy was out with his family on their boat when he spotted a turtle that needed help. The little boy had recognized that Poseidon needed help because of the school field trip he had taken to The Turtle Hospital in the past. He had learned that a sick or injured sea turtle is one that floats on the surface and is unable to dive. The father called Fish and Wildlife officers and a rescue began. Poseidon had been struck by two different boat propellers which left lacerations across his shell. He also had a fish hook embedded in his upper jaw. Under anesthesia, the hook was removed. Poseidon is receiving antibiotics, massage and physical therapy for his injuries. However, the chief concern for Poseidon is that his rear flippers may be paralyzed due to spinal cord damage.

Posiedon’s back

X-ray of the hook in Poseidon

The hook removed from Poseidon

UPDATE: Poseidon’s injuries from the boat have healed very well, though he is still not able to use his rear flippers.  The rear flippers are used primarily for steerage, however sea turtles can compensate for the loss of the rear flippers by learning to steer with the front.

RELEASED: Poseidon was released Dec 27, 2005.

Poseidon healing


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