The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


Puli Puli’s Operation Puli in surgery

Puli is a Green sea turtle who arrived at the Turtle Hospital on February 22, 2002 for fibropapilloma surgery. Puli underwent her final surgery to remove the last of her fibropapilloma tumors in May of 2003. She will be released on the anniversary of her last surgery. Puli has been chosen by the University of Central Florida as a recipient of a satellite transmission tag when she is released.


Puli at the waters edge

RELEASED: Pauli was released on July 17, 2004 near St. Lucie, Florida where she was first spotted. Puli had a satellite transmission tag placed on her. With this tag the University of Central Florida will be able to track her movement up and down the east coast of Florida.

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