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Redbone Rescue

Elika and Barbara Kaiwi (originally from Hawaii, now living in Rockledge Florida) were participating in the ESPN Redbone Celebrity Saltwater Fishing Tournament with Billy Bishop as their guide. The couple spotted a small sea turtle floating listlessly on the surface near Shell Key. Captain Billy (a member of Save a Turtle and who has previously rescued turtles) contacted the Turtle Hospital and the ambulance was dispatched to the Islamorada Marina.


The small (12 pound) Green Sea Turtle (Boo Boo) has severe fibropapilloma tumors, covering both eyes and on the flippers and neck. It is extremely emaciated, not being able to see, so unable feed. The turtle is scheduled for surgery where Dr Doug Mader will check for internal tumors and remove the eye tumors.

Update 11/10/08

Boo Boo died Sunday night. The turtle had not been able to eat for quite a while, not being able to see due to eye tumors. The turtle was so emaciated, bones were coming thru the plastron. A necropsy will be performed

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