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Romeo, a nearly 10cm post hatchling Hawksbill sea turtle, was rescued from a boat basin in Islamorada. The little sea turtle has already had a rough life, Romeo is missing his right front flipper! Hatchling sea turtles face an enormous amount of predators, which is why females typically lay a hundred or so eggs per clutch. Ants, birds, crabs, raccoons, lizards and fish make up a small list of predators these hatchlings face.

Romeo will have a short stay at The Turtle Hospital. Staff will feed him small chopped up squid tentacles several times a day and give him plenty of time to rest. Once he grows stronger, staff will take him 20 miles offshore to the Sargassum Weedline. Although little is known about the life of a hatchling sea turtle, the Sargassum will provide food and camouflage for the vulnerable sea turtle for several years.

UPDATE June 22nd 2010:

Sadly our little Romeo has died. Romeo was struggling to eat and was not able to process calories. However the day after Romeo was rescued (April 17th) a second post hatchling Hawksbill was rescued in Key West. The hatchling was named Smithers and he is doing extermely well.

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