The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


On September 8th, the turtle hospital grew by one as S.A.S. arrived at 11:30 am. S.A.S. was found by Bruce (pictured above) who named the turtle after his twin daughters, Samantha and Sabrina. The turtle was found at Long Key State Park with a massive FP tumor on the left rear flipper which was entangled in a buoy rope. We rushed the turtle to the hospital and upon closer inspection, tumors were found growing all over the body, including one covering the right eye. Antibiotics and fluids were given to prevent infection. Surgery was scheduled for September 13, and it was a success. The massive FP tumor was removed by Dr. Doug Mader, weighing in at at a whopping 534 grams, as well as the one covering the eye. S.A.S. is scheduled for another surgery in the coming weeks to remove the rest of the tumors.

Thanks Bruce. We wish S.A.S. the best of luck on the upcoming surgery and a speedy recovery.

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