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Samantha Before Samantha After

Samantha, a Loggerhead sea turtle, was rescued from Smathers Beach in Key West on May 21, 2005 by Save-A-Turtle member Russ Draper. Samantha was found in three feet of water and covered in sand. Samantha’s x-rays showed an intestinal impaction. Her fecal samples reveled why she had such an upset stomach….she had eaten two pounds of sea urchins. Samantha has greatly improved over the last few weeks.

UPDATE: Samantha has been feeding well on her two meals a day of whole squid. Samantha no longer floats and is able to be in a full tank of water. Look for Samantha to be released before the end of the year.

RELEASED: Released October 25, 2005 along with six other sea turtle companions from Pigeon Key, Florida.

Samantha’s Head Samantha’s Head Before Samantha’s Release

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