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Shan’Jon is a sub-adult Loggerhead sea turtle. Shan’Jon came to the hospital on January 5th, 2007 from Little Knock ’em Down Key. He was found floating with no apparent physical injury. Upon observation at the hospital, it was found that Shan’Jon was suffering from a condition known as lockjaw. Loggerheads sometimes come in without the ability to open their jaw. The muscles have been affectively paralyzed due to the ingestion of an unknown toxin. Once a turtle has been diagnosed with lockjaw, it will undergo physical therapy for a number of months until it can open it’s mouth by itself. Shan’Jon had, in addition to lockjaw, a severe lung infection. He will receive antibiotics until the infection subsides and physical therapy until the jaw muscles loosen.


UPDATE: Shan’Jon is now able to open his mouth freely and his bloodwork is showing that his infection is on the wane. He will be up for release soon.


UPDATE: After being treated here at the Turtle Hospital for one year and two weeks, Shan’Jon was released on January 19th, 2008 off Pigeon Key. The Hospital crew were assisted by Monroe County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy. Shan’Jon was last seen swimming strongly and confidently into the Atlantic Ocean.

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