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Stately, a very unusual turtle, is a hybrid: he’s both a Loggerhead and a Hawksbill sea turtle. Stately was brought to the hospital on March 07, 2003 with a large amount of fibropapilloma. We have since learned that all Hawksbills with fibropapilloma are actually hybrids. This is based on blood studies by Dr. Annie Meylan. Stately has had all of his laser surgery to remove the growths and is now waiting out his one year, post-surgery stay just to ensure that no regrowth occurs.

UPDATE: As of August 31, 2004, Stately had regrown fibropapilloma on his shoulders. He required additional surgery to remove the new tumors. He will now start his post-surgical 12-months again.

UPDATE: One more surgery was needed to remove regrowth from Stately’s right eye on June 13, 2005. The growth was sent to a pathologist to determine whether the growth was scar tissue or new fibropapilloma. The report has come back negative for Fibropapilloma and Stately will hopefully be ready to be released in August, 2005.

UPDATE: Stately required surgery on her front right shoulder on August 09, 2005. Tissue samples will be sent out for a pathology report to determine if tissue is fibropapilloma or scar tissue. If tissue is positive for fibropapilloma, Stately will be required to stay one more year at the hospital for observation.

UPDATE: Pathology report for Stately determined that the area of concern was positive for Fibropapilloma. Therefore, he will be staying with us for one more year.

Sately with Fibropapilloma

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