The Turtle Hospital. Rescue, Rehab, Release.


Our newest patient here at the hospital is Taia.  Taia is a subadult loggerhead who was rescued near the seven mile bridge here in Marathon.  FWC officer Josh Peters found Taia floating and alerted the Turtle Hospital to the situation.  Taia could not dive deeper than three feet even though she tried to swim with all her might.  Working together, FWC Officer Peters and Turtle Hospital team member Jeanette were able to net Taia out of the ocean and lift her safely into the boat.  Taia was then raced to shore and brought to the Turtle Hospital in the ambulance.

Taia is now currently here at the hospital and being treated for a bacterial infection in her intestine.  She is on special medicine that will help cure the infection and stop floating.  She has a great appetite, and it shouldn’t be long before she makes a full recovery. Stay tuned for news on Taia the loggerhead.

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