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Wham’s Final Transmission

Last year Turtle Hospital staff rescued an adult female Loggerhead from The Dry Tortugas. This turtle had a satellite transmitter on her carapace (shell) and tags. Using the information from her tags staff was able to locate the tagging agency. A group in Casey Key Florida had tagged her as part of the nesting survey. Her name was Wham.

Wham had been attacked by a shark and spent a short rehabilitation at The Turtle Hospital. With help from Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, her transmitter was reapplied prior to her release. With assistance from rangers at The Dry Tortugas National Park and the Yankee Freedom Ferry, she was released back where she was rescued on November 14th 2009.

Thanks to and Mote Marine Laboratory, staff and visitors alike were able to continue tracking Wham on her path home. Wham’s final transmission was on August 23rd 2010 exactly one year after her rescue from the Dry Tortugas National Park.

To view her final track please click here:

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