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Intake: February 17, 2005

Species: Kemp’s Ridley


Reason: Entanglement resulting in the loss of my left front flipper.

“Bubble Butt Syndrome” due to a boat strike.

Location: Islamorada

Gender: Female


UPDATED: 2/25/16 I have gained some weight over the years. I’m currently weighing in at 82 lbs.

UPDATED: 4/5/18 This year I’ve lost 2 pounds, currently weighing in at 80 lbs. That’s because I’m a picky eater; I like having my squid stuffed with shrimp.

UPDATED: 9/16/19 Nap time in the Hurricane tank. She got some new weights on her shell so now she can successfully rest at the bottom. 


UPDATED: 4/28/20 Swimming in the circle shadow of one of the enrichment toys in the pool.

UPDATED:  5/26/22 Bender is enjoying her time in the hurricane tanks, while waiting for mating season to settle down.