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Intake: 9/17/2020

Species: Loggerhead

Weight: 125 lbs (56.95 kg)

Reason:  Fp & Entanglement

Gender: Unknown

9/17/2020: Intake: This loggerhead turtle was rescued in Duck Key. This feisty turtle tried to bite the boat, so the rescuers name it Chomper. This Loggerhead turtle has the largest tumor our staff has ever seen here at the hospital. Surgery is going to happen very soon. 

9/19/2020: Surgery to remove the largest tumor ever here at the hospital. The tumor was larger than a basketball and it weighed 14.2 lbs. Chomper has to feel a lot lighter.

9/30/2020: Update: We tried some leach therapy to get blood flow to the full flipper. Unfortunately as time passed the flipper was still showing signs of becoming necrotic. Dr. Doug came in and made the decision to amputate.

10/9/2020: Chomper is still feisty and tries to bite the rehabbers. Starting to eat a little and some days doesn’t want to eat at all.  Chomper still needs more surgery to remove the other tumors and that will happen when Chomper is feeling a little better.

10/19/2020: Chomper required another blood transfusion. Thanks to our permeant resident Madea who donated that blood. 

10/28/2020: Dr. Doug came in today and deep cleaned Chompers wound.

11/6/2020: Dr. Brooke saw Chomper today and did another deep debridement on the wound.

12/7/2020: Deceased due to complications.