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Huggie Wuggie

Huggie Wuggie

Arrival Date: June 6, 2024


Patient Profile

Name: Huggie Wuggie

Species: Green Sea Turtle

Weight: 7 pounds

Reason for visit: Predator Attack

Location Found: Tavernier Marina, Tavernier, FL

Status Report

06/08/24: While in their boat preparing to leave the marina, two young children aboard spotted a small sea turtle severely injured and in need of help. The family quickly helped to pick up the young turtle out of the water and get him out of further harm’s way in the busy marina. Once aboard they found the young turtle had been attacked by a predator and sustained a severe wound to his front right flipper. The Turtle hospital Rescue and Rehab team met the family and rushed the newly named Huggie Wuggie to our hospital for care. Radiographs showed Huggie Wuggie’s right front limb suffered a broken bone and was badly mangled. Rehab staff first stabilized Huggie Wuggie as he was quite in shock from the attack, providing intravenous fluids to rehydrate, a splint and bandaging, and blood work to provide further understanding of his status. Huggie Wuggie will rest on land in the hospital tonight to help him stabilize. 

06/11/24: Today Huggie Wuggie went for a CT scan to help Dr. Norton has a better understanding of the damage to his front right flipper. Unfortunately the results of the imaging showed this limb was viable and would need to be amputated. Dr. Norton performed the surgery this morning, while losing a limb is not ideal, Huggie Wuggie can survive and live a full life even with only three limbs. Rehab staff have been diligent in monitoring the young sea turtle, and providing lots of support and care as he recovers. Make sure to wish Huggie Wuggie a speedy recovery during your next visit to The Turtle Hospital. 

06/21/24: Huggie Wuggie has been a perfect patient for the rehab team, he is currently receiving daily bandage changes along with exams. This is to ensure his surgical site is healing well. While he is still adjusting to his new environment here at The Turtle Hospital, the rehab team has placed a shade over his tank to help provide coverage and make Huggie Wuggie feel more safe. His has also improved in his eating during feeding time and does well for taking his medications. Stay tuned for more updates on our young patient.

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