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Arrival Date: January 18, 2024

Patient Profile

Name: Ida

Species: Loggerhead

Weight: 206 pounds

Reason for visit: Entanglement

Location Found: Long Key, FL

Status Report

01/18/24: Rescue team received a distress call of a large Loggerhead Sea Turtle entangled in fishing line around its front left flipper and struggling at the surface of the water near Long Key Bridge. With the help of the local Coast Guard, this large Loggerhead now named “Ida” was rescued and brought to The Turtle hospital for care. The Rehab team performed initial intake diagnostics and supportive care to help make her comfortable. Ida was set up on a large oblong hospital tank to rest and recover. 

01/19/24: Ida is feeling much better since having that fishing line removed from her flipper. Luckily the wounds left on her flipper are minor and diagnostics show a very healthy large Loggerhead. The Rehab team has applied topical medication and wound care that will stay in place out in the ocean. Please Join us on January 24th at Sombrero Beach to celebrate the release of Ida. For further details please check out our Facebook and Instagram for exact time.

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We are happy to announce Ida was released on Sombrero Beach with a large crowd to cheer her on. It is a wonderful day when we get to help another sea turtle return to the wild and are thankful we get to share these incredible moments with the public. 

01/1/24 – 01/24/24