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Intake: 5/15/19

Species: Loggerhead

Weight: 192 lbs (87.5 kg)

Reason: Boat Strike 

Gender: Female

5/15/19 Intake: Found by rescuers at No Name Key; floating with boat strike and flipper wounds.

9/24/19 Flipper wound all healed, her wound on her carapace is taking a little longer.

10/1/19 Doing good, wound from boat strike healing.

4/27/20 Enjoying the 30,000 gallon tank all to myself. Madea has put on some extra weight as well. Last weigh in she was 208 lbs.

10/19/2020: Madea was kind enough to donate blood twice to Chomper in a month. She donates her blood to other loggerhead turtle who need it.

2/22/22: Calm, cool, and collected seems to be this loggerheads personality. Madea likes short laps around the pool, and long naps.

8/23/23: Today Madea joined the adoptable turtle club.